December 20, 2005

Polly Toynbee, "I wasn't good enough, so I won't let you either"

"Like Prescott, I failed and I still find that hard to confess, along with millions who never forget the day the failure letter landed on the mat."
But like John Prescott not going to a grammar (or getting any grammar in the case of the Deputy Primeminster) didn't really hold you back did it? Not really, but forced mixed ability classes do hold people back. The bright because they are not pushed, the not so bright because they end up dispirited, and the people in the middle because of the disruption caused by the people at either end of the scale. Some kind of selection is needed, be it streaming or selection at the entrance exam.


Blogger David said...

Dead true about mixed ability classes. I was a teacher in a comprehensive school in Salford for ten years and gave up in the end partly because all I did was moderate the disruption. How can you teach pi r squared when there are children in the class who can only just add up. Mixed ability classes might make some one feel better but it wasn't me or the children I tried to teach.

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